Siopao, anyone?

Meet the Philippines’ siopao. It’s a tasty bun that can either be steamed, baked or fried. It literally means “steamed buns”. A famous Chinese-Filipino snack that can be eaten on-the-go and without utensils. It is usually served with a dipping sauce. It comes in  flavors like asado or bola-bola (filled with either pork, chicken, beef or salted duck egg). When steamed, it usually has a soft, white dough. When fried, it has a light brown hue and has a slight crunch. Biting into a steamed siopao is quite an experience. Depending on how you like to eat it – either by taking a bite or taking off a piece for that first bite – the siopao is good with or without the dipping sauce.

Steamed Siopao (Php 25 per piece/ Php 65 for 3 pieces) LOCATION: The Park Restaurant, Ground Floor Crown Hotel, Naga City