Queen of What?

Each time I set upon a scale
The poundage starts me thinking;
I must go on a diet — but
I know it’s wishful shrinking.

– Anna Herbert, Source

And yes, I am the Queen of Wishful Shrinking.

Expat. Married.

Based in the Penh for more than 10 years now.
Works for humanity, money, or for a better world. Not necessarily in that order. Can now speak several languages; even ones unknown to mankind.

I’m a Blogger. Wannabe-photographer.  A Web junkie. A Thrift-hunter. Book-worm. Movie-enthusiast. I love Tennis. I adore Rafael Nadal. But most of all, I am an enthusiastic eater. I  love to cook and, at the same time, seek out good food wherever my hungry stomach takes me.


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