I say…

When I discovered food blogs, I spent endless hours reading and drooling at the scrumpti-licious food. Even while at work, I was daydreaming of those heavenly delights. So I asked myself, why can’t I make delicious food like they can? The answer is, of course, very obvious. I do not have any culinary skills. Alright, I am at peace with that, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking more about food and from nursing a burning desire to cook…

Up to now I am still dreaming about food, and the desire to cook is burning fervently as ever.

So this blog is created to stop my daydreaming and put to realization my desire to cook. This is not really a food blog, but a blog mainly to showcase and celebrate the food we eat – at home and whenever we go dine-out at restaurants – and my mad attempts at cooking.

So welcome to my kitchen. Kitchen ko ‘to.
Come and see my rants and rave about the food we ate… and join me as I go through the hits and misses in my cooking adventures.