A Plate of Spaghetti

Hello, everyone!

This is about one of my favorite comfort foods on a rainy day – spaghetti. There’s usually a lot of pasta choices in the restos here but for today, it’s spaghetti with garlic bread. This is a savory dish, a bit on the sour-y side but still yummy. The sauce is enough and the two slices of garlic bread complete dish. There is a dash of parsley on top, although the sprinkling of grated cheese seems to be missing. The noodles were cooked al dente. Flavorful and filling! Good for sharing, if you are watching your portions, even if it’s for a solo serving only. Price: reasonable.

SHAKEY’S Solo Spaghetti, Php 180.00

Location: SHAKEY’S, Ground Floor SM-Naga, CBD 2 Triangulo St. Naga City 4400 Philippines





Food Trip Friday 102: Sesame Noodle Bar’s Cold Noodles

A hungry stomach has led me and my constant partner to many gustatory adventures, Manay of PinayWifeSpeaks, to discover this recently opened noodle shop. It is called the Sesame Noodle Bar and they offer a simple menu of noodles and side dishes inspired by Japanese, Chinese and American cuisines.

On one very hot Wednesday afternoon in March, Manay and I found Sesame Noodle Bar south of the Russian Market. On our first time at the noodle bar, I ordered this set lunch:

food trip friday sesame noodle bar cold noodles gyoza and tahini dressing

The noodle dish topped with caramelized pork was superb! What’s more, this set dish cost only $4.75.

The noodles is served ice-cold – which was a pleasant treat to quench the summer heat- and topped with a healthy pile of fresh veggies and a side of tahini dressing. More than anything, it felt more like eating a salad with noodles, and I say that in a positive way. The gyoza, or dumplings, was hand-rolled and pan-fried perfectly. Of course, not to be outdone, I also had a refreshing mint-passion fruit shake. All in all it was light but very filling meal.

Of course, I won’t stop at the food. The place is worth mentioning!  The lighting is also unique – check out the light bulbs when you go there – and the the decors are interesting; the posters and figurines are all so kawaii. The atmosphere is very nice and friendly, and their menu is a cute DIY. One would think they’re straight off the pages of Pinterest or Etsy. You don’t believe me? Just look at some of the photos I took. Please click the photos for a larger view  🙂

[easy-media med=”977,976,973″]

Sesame Noodle Bar
Address: #9 Street 460, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone:+855 89 750 212

Food Trip Friday 100: Italian-style fish and chips

After several months of absence, I’m back again here at FTF. And guess what, it’s my 100th post, an auspicious number if I may say so.

So here’s my entry:

italian style fish in olive oil

Nature and Sea Restaurant’s Italian-style fish and chips. Fresh and delicious.

Nature and Sea Restaurant sits on the rooftop of a corner-building in the lively Golden Street, aka, St. 278, just across Wat Langka in Phnom Penh. It’s a nice little restaurant, with a view of the wat and the Independence Monument. It is a health-food shop of sorts and all the dishes are prepared using the freshest and pesticide-free ingredients.

In my opinion, they have the best fish-n-chips in town in variety of styles –  Australian, Italian, French, Baltic, and English (of course), just to name a few. A set meal of fish-n-chips will set you back at $6.50 but it includes a serving of fresh garden salad (I prefer the mustard dressing every time) and French fries. I also ordered a glass of mango and passionate fruit shake, a very refreshing and healthy drink to complete my meal, for only $1.75. Oh, and if you still have room for it, don’t forget to order crepes for dessert. Highly-recommended.

Food Trip Friday 099: Secret Recipe’s Grilled Black Pepper Chicken

PinayWife and I met up last Thursday for a morning of coffee and chitchat (Brown Coffee) and a bit of pampering (Soben Spa). It’s been ages since I had a massage and my back really needed a good kneading so I was really looking forward to this day out.

We opted for a traditional Khmer massage. Because of Soben’s early-bird promo, the one hour and half massage costs only a little over the regular price of a one-hour massage. Woot-woot 🙂 When we got out of spa, it was already half past noon and, although very much refreshed and satisfied from the soothing massage, we were already hungry.

Secret Recipe is becoming my favourite go-to for quick, no fuss lunch. So we chose to go to Secret Recipe at Sovanna Mall. This time around, I excitedly ordered pepper chicken and enjoyed my meal tremendously.

Lip-smacking grilled chicken smothered with black pepper sauce and served with rice and salad.

Oh, some more pepper sauce. Please.
My husband always tell me that the taste of the meat is lost when it’s smothered with sauce. But that’s me, I love it when my steak is drowned in sauce, lol. And I like the really thick sauce.

So anyways, the spiciness of the the black pepper sets off once the sauce hits your mouth! It is not so overpowering (considering my grilled chicken was deluged with sauce) but you feel the kick right away. Makes me wonder if they used Kampot pepper on this one. The side salad, on the other hand, was great, too, even if the serving was too little. The lettuce was crispy and the mayo-ketchup dressing was just right. My only concern was that the rice serving was tiny – the size of a five year old’s fist – but that’s alright, I’m kind of on a controlled diet these days. (You could tell I’m a voracious rice eater!)

I’m on a sugar diet these days so, for dessert, we only ordered a slice of choco-cheesecake that we shared between us. It was heavenly! So the it’s not all hype – the choco-cheesecake was, by far, the best one I had in the Penh. Besides that, there’s nothing like sharing a slice of cheesecake with a girlfriend!

Food Trip Friday 096: Secret Recipe’s Curry Mee

I’ve always been a laksa lover and I had been craving for it recenlty. When a friend suggested we do lunch at Secret Recipe, I immediately said yes to finally satiate my craving.

Mmmmmmm. The best curry mee ever! Curry mee is one of the iconic hawker’s food in Malaysia and Singapore.

Yes, this Malaysian-grown franchise has already entered the Kingdom of Cambodia earlier this year and opened not one but two branches in the capital alone. One is situated in the busy Monivong Boulevard where my friend took me. Inside was so cozy and pleasantly cool, a welcome refuge from the searing heat outside.

As a lover of anything noodles, my order, of course, had to be curry mee and it came in a large bowl with an okay serving of sambal on the side. Curry mee is just  basically spicy curry noodles but the sauce — the sauce was creamy and oh-so-tasty. The curry spices weren’t overpowering either so it’s all good. As you can see in the picture above, it’s not all sauce – you can see the ingredients – fish cake, tofu, and clams – weren’t swimming in the sauce.

For sure I’ll be coming back to try out the other dishes in their menu.


Food Trip Friday 091: Trey, prahok and kopik with vegetables

Today is the birthday of one of my blogging-friends, Dylan. He came to visit us two months ago and PinayWife and I took him to one of our favourite Khmer restaurants in the Penh,the Trasak Paem (Sweet Cucumber) Restaurant, to celebrate our first meeting.

Here’s one of the dishes we ordered. I originally uploaded this to my other blog.

Trey kopik with vegetables. Basically it’s fried fish with a special mix of prahok and kopik (fermented fish and shrimp) to dip the fresh vegetables into. Best with lots of fresh chilli and a dollop of lime juice.

Trey prahok and kopik is one of the typical authentic Khmer food that is worth trying. It can be taken as a side dish, appetiser, or main dish. Most foreigners, especially from the West, don’t like its smell – the highly pungent prahok and kopik pretty much assaults the nose – that we Asians are familiar with.

Imagine the riot of flavours – fresh, crispy vegetables dipped in hot and spicy, salty dipping with a hint of lime. It definitely leaves an amazing taste in your palate.

I recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a place to sample Khmer food. The place is clean and air-conditioned, the staff pleasant and attentive, and the food is the best.  We never go home disappointed.

Trasak Paem Restaurant
No. 103, Trasak Paem (St. 63),
Corner of St. 184
Phnom Penh



No. 103ABC, Trasak Paem (St. 63), corner of St. 184, 12211 Phnom Penh

Food Trip Friday 088: Singapore’s Hainanese chicken-rice

I’m feeling run down today and nursing a bad cold so this is going to be short and sweet, err, yummy. PinayWifeSpeaks and I discovered this newly-opened Singapore Barn Barn restaurant a few metres away from the Russian Market (Psah Tuol Tumpong).

Hainanese chicken-rice at Singapore Barn Barn Chicken for only $2!

The chicken is so tasty and tender while the rice can be eaten alone as it is. This set, which includes a bowl of soup and a glass of tea, is filling. Just remember to go there before lunchtime as it gets really crowded, proof that it’s popular amongst the locals! I said it before and I’ll say it again – Phnom Penh has a lot of international restaurants offering authentic fares at affordable prices. I want to go back there again for more Hainanese chicken goodness! Plus I’m also keen on sampling their rice-cake desserts.

Food Trip Friday 085: Pork BBQ-rice for breakfast

For a change, we went for a pork-rice meal the other day. I think my husband wanted something different from the usual kuy teav (pork noodle soup) for breakfast.

My husband took me to this Khmer-Thai eatery near our place. We could smell the familiar aroma of barbecued pork as we got off the car. In an instant, we knew exactly what to order.

The BBQ and the sauce is worth coming back to!

And we weren’t disappointed. The pork was really good – tender and packed with spicy goodness – and the dip was a fantastic accompaniment! However, there’s not much to write about the soup. I also expected a better side dish of bok lahong (papaya salad, similar to the Filipino achara but spicier and has more flavour) but we were served this preserved cabbage that’s dry and sour. This was forgiven when we finished our meal off with our usual order of kafe dahko teuk’o (iced coffee with milk) that tastes more like mocha. Which I liked.

Guess how much we paid? We paid $4 for everything! Not bad, I should say, but we’ve had better meals for the same amount somewhere else.

Will I come back? Yes, but only for the BBQ and the sauce. To go.

Food Trip Friday 075: I lab dolsot bibimbap

Yeah I had it again… but I really love it. There are so many to choose from – the selection of exciting dishes at NagaWorld Hotel’s Korean Grill Restaurant is long but, you know, being an Asian and all somewhere in my DNA lies my affinity for rice. I just had to have rice, no matter what and where we are!

Served on a dolsot, or a stone pot, I couldn't help but marvel at the lovely colours. But, I tell you what, the taste is even lovelier... yum!


Mouth-watering side dishes.

And a bowl of dolsot bibimbap never fails to make me happy. Of course, what’s a Korean dish without the host of side dishes Korean cuisine is so known for?  You start with the tasty seaweed soup. And you do what you fancy with the other side dishes – you either mix them with the rice or just have them separately. The kimchi is just perfect. And mind you, I had to ask for refills many times because I think the serving is too little for my liking 😀

Dolsot bibimbap is one of the lunch promo sets offered at  the Korean Grill Restaurant. The whole set costs $10, good for one person only, drinks not included. It’s a bit pricey, but  hey, we are also paying for the hotel ambiance and all (I wondered who ordered ambiance, for sure, it wasn’t me. Just kidding but I can’t help LOL at this joke.)

We will miss you terribly, Mel, but off you go for another adventure of a lifetime!


This lunch was made possible through the invitation of my sweet friend Mel who works at the NagaWorld Hotel. She introduced us to Koreak Grill Restaurant two years ago and from then on, it has become the Peluka Sisters’ choice to go to whenever we feel like stuffing ourselves with Korean food in a nice, stylish place (but we also have a favourite Korean resto, a cheaper one, when we don’t have enough moolah, lol!) She is leaving Phnom Penh next week for a more exciting job offer in Fiji. Thanks for the lunch, Mel. And very best of luck to you in Fiji!


The Korean Grill (Open Daily, from 11am-11pm)
NagaWorld Hotel and Casino
Hun Sen Park
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel. (855-2) 322 8822 ext 7900

Food Trip Friday 073: Penang curry laksa

Went on another food-trip with PELUKA sister, PinayWifeSpeaks, to D’ Restaurant Nyonya last week. It was our second time there after our pleasant experience the first time. We planned on having the Penang curry laksa, both our favourite.

That's my order of Penang curry laksa and a refreshing soya kincang.

The soya kincang is very refreshing although I would love it even more if it were sweeter and creamier. It’s somewhat equivalent to our samalamig gulaman-sago. The black bits you see on the glass are gulaman. Flavour-wise, the laksa was really good – creamy and with moderate heat and spice – but I was disappointed that the slices of chicken and other bits were swimming in the bowl. It was too soupy.  PinayWife and I had to “arrange” the pieces in the bowl to make it look good on pictures. But that being said, I would still love to go back there. There are lots more worth coming back to, I kid you not.