Weekend treats!

How are you these days?
We are on the cool-side of the weather here in Phnom Penh these days which is lovely, considering the heat in the past few months.
Hope all is well with you.

As mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I have embarked on a semi-paleo diet that began two months or so ago. From then on, we both lost 10% of our body body weights from this diet. And so, we’ve decided to treat ourselves for the weekend.

We began with a cheese sandwich for breakfast. Getting acquainted with my husband’s favourite fares, like this cheese sandwich with Branston pickle, is exciting.

Branston pickle relish - sweet and tangy, like an Indian chutney. Definitely livens up the cheese sandwich!

Branston pickle relish – sweet and tangy, like an Indian chutney. Definitely livens up the cheese sandwich!

Crusty bread, freshly-baked from Comme à la Maison, smeared with butter, cheese wedges, and a dollop of Branston pickle relish. To those who don’t know, Branston pickle is a sweet and tangy jarred condiment made from a variety of tiny-diced vegetables. It is the English’s answer to an Indian chutney. It serves as a brilliant support to the sharp taste of the aged edam cheese and for sure, to any other dishes. We found this jarred gem of a condiment (and even the Irish butter) in Phnom Penh’s Thai Huot Grocery, Tuol Kork branch.

And for supper, we had this delicious bacon pizza! Homemade, of course. When it comes to making pizzas at home, my husband takes the cake!


That’s my husband adding his special touch on the smoked bacon pizza – toasting the cheese.
The crust is wonderfully soft and light. I don’t know what’s his secret to a soft and light crust, something that I should find out if I were to make pizza myself. I also love the burnt taste of cheese.

Mmmmmmmmm. I can still smell and taste it!

Food Trip Friday 058: Saturday BBQ lunch

Two weeks ago my husband and I hosted a BBQ lunch at our house. We invited our friends to come over just because…

We had the food and drinks covered but friends still brought some “contributions”.  PinayWifeSpeaks brought her creamilicious Bicol Express, Mumsified made leche flan and PinayMum contributed ham, cheese, siomai and other finger foods. Due to the “excitement” we forgot to serve the fresh fruits brought by Mom of the Furries and the hotdogs with mallows for the kids.

Some more pics:

The kiddos had a great time playing Wii games, Jenga, and riding on our stationary bike! With plenty of food and drinks that lasted all afternoon, it was a fantastic way to spend the weekend together.

N.B.: Unless otherwise noted, the pictures are mine and first appeared in my other blog.

Food Trip Friday 052: Chocolate-coated corn flakes



I have a weakness for chocolate and, over the holidays, my husband totally spoiled me with the chocolate-y goodness of his childhood. The kitchen was his for the time being as he lovingly made chocolate desserts and sweets the same way his mum did when he was a boy. No wonder my blood sugar increased several notches after the holidays! Just kidding.

So here’s one: 

Corn flakes coated in  melted dark and white chocolates with brandy-soaked raisins. It’s fattening alright yet oh-so-tempting-and-oh-so-good! Pardon the quality of the photograph but I assure you it tastes much, much better than it looks here.

A very interesting note: The very mention of chocolate-corn flakes crispies brings added spring in my husband’s walk. I think it brought back memories of his childhood; the scent of the chocolate and vanilla transported him back to his mum’s kitchen and delicious cooking.

Food Trip Friday 050: Toast Français par un Anglais

Some weeks ago I stayed up late watching the Barclay’s London ATP World Tour matches on television, especially Rafael Nadal’s matches. Because of the time difference, the matches lasted till the wee hours of the night. Call me crazy if you must, but I’m really a tennis fan. I’m glad that my husband lets me sleep in the following day, and when I wake up he makes me breakfast. And this was my request most of the time:

I love mine slightly crunchy and the egg runny.
Don’t you just love waking up to breakfasts prepared by your husband? Heaven. Next time he promised me he’d make stuffed French toast. I’m already excited.http://foodtripfriday.net/