A Plate of Spaghetti

Hello, everyone!

This is about one of my favorite comfort foods on a rainy day – spaghetti. There’s usually a lot of pasta choices in the restos here but for today, it’s spaghetti with garlic bread. This is a savory dish, a bit on the sour-y side but still yummy. The sauce is enough and the two slices of garlic bread complete dish. There is a dash of parsley on top, although the sprinkling of grated cheese seems to be missing. The noodles were cooked al dente. Flavorful and filling! Good for sharing, if you are watching your portions, even if it’s for a solo serving only. Price: reasonable.

SHAKEY’S Solo Spaghetti, Php 180.00

Location: SHAKEY’S, Ground Floor SM-Naga, CBD 2 Triangulo St. Naga City 4400 Philippines





Food Trip Friday 074: Batchoy, the flavour of home

I was feeling rather homesick and sluggish these days. And the fact that my friends have left the city for a quick holiday in the Philippines didn’t lighten up my mood either. So anyway, since I am feeling blah, I am diverting my attention to something else… food!

Batchoy a la Sreisaat. The flavour of home!

I made this yummy batchoy (pork noodle soup) from scratch and it tasted exactly (well, almost) the way I remember it. I’m so proud of myself (love your own, lol). I did say “almost” because missing were crushed chicharon, liver and hot sauce, said my younger bro.

Never mind the missing bits, because the moment I took a spoonful of the tasty soup, I was instantly transported back to our kitchen in Roxas City. I was 11 or 12 years old again with my father sharing a steaming bowl of batchoy he bought from Ted’s while my mother just sat at the opposite side of the table, watching and amused. Aahh, one of my favourite childhood memories, and the flavour of home that I carry in my heart and mind.

Now I am even feeling more homesick than when I started writing this pot.

Food Trip Friday 072: Restaurant D’Nyonya

Drool-inducing sign!

My husband and I found this Malaysian restaurant while looking for something at the shops around Psah Thmey. We wanted to go in but there were too many people – every single table and chair was occupied and it wasn’t quite lunchtime yet. Not really keen on waiting we decided to give it a try another time. Boo-hoo.

I couldn’t wait for the opportune time to come as my salivary glands were already working overtime eversince I saw this restaurant sign. It was torture. Good thing PinayWife and I watched a movie, Johnny English, Reborn, courtesy of the Legend Cinemas in Phnom Penh last Wednesday. The movie, despite a very predictable plot and slapstick comedy, didn’t fail to make us laugh.  I think we laughed too much we got hungry afterwards from laughing, lol. Seriously, that’s when I suggested to PinayWife that we try this newly-opened Restaurant D’Nyonya at Psah Thmey. Luckily, she agreed.  And we weren’t disappointed.

These are what I ordered – char kuey teuw and a glass of three-layered tea. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

The best and authentic char kuey teuw in Phnom Penh. Only from Nyonya Restaurant.

Kuey teuw is a Malaysian-Hokkien flat noodles and char kuey teuw is stir-fried flat noodles that is a very popular hawker food in Malaysia and Singapore. My plate of char kuey teuw noodles was very tasty. Somewhere buried in the heap of noodles was a giant shrimp – surprise, surprise! There were also lovely crispy bits of sprouted mung beans and greens that added texture to the dish. And it is mildly hot and spicy!

Very refreshing! With real tea and tastes so creamy.

A glass of light-brown coloured iced-milk tea, or teh in Bahasa.At the bottom might be syrup (I’m not sure), evaporated milk in the middle, and tea on top. Of course, you stir them all in and sip it like you would a capuccino. Yum. I love the creamy goodness but at the same time it didn’t overpower the taste of the tea.

And how much did it cost me, you ask? All these for less than $5!!!!! Great, eh? Good food for less.

Eating the char kuey teuw noodles reminded me of the fun food-trip I did in KL years ago. I am happy to know that there is no need for me to go to KL again because authentic Malaysian dishes are already right here in Phnom Penh. Restaurant D’Nyonya is a gem of a find and PinayWife and I are definitely coming back to taste the other dishes in the menu, particularly assam laksa , which is one of my all-time favourite noodle dishes.

Restaurant D’Nyonya
Street 126 Central Market
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone : 023998408

Food Trip Friday 070: Fried egg-noodles


I’m happy to be back into the blogging groove again after more than two months of absence. It took me a long while before figuring out what’s wrong with the template (lost the blog links in my sidebar) so I decided to move the whole blog to WordPress instead. I hope old friends find me here again. If not, I’m sure I’ll meet new ones.

So here now…  my first FTF post in my newly-revamped blog 🙂

PinayWifeSpeaks and I were on a search for the best noodle dishes in the Penh in the past. It was a half-serious, half-joking attempt – almost silly – but we were quite delighted with our discovery, so far. I think it’s one thing that we and the PELUKA sisters should revive sometime soon.

The noodles were freshly made and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. The seasoning was just right for me and a tiny platito (small dish) of sauce was also served on the side just in case I wanted some more. It also served as dipping for the slices of chicken (very tender, not overcooked). For only $2.25, it is a  big serving and it’s great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Food Trip Friday 059: Thai food trip

Last week I had the most amazing Thai food, well, outside Thailand, anyway. No, I did not dine in a 5-star hotel, or the chic restos in the area, or places with Thai-sounding names. The restaurant, whose name I had actually forgotten,  is a small unassuming place just across the more popular Walkabout Bar in St. 51. People might think it’s a tiny, nondescript (not flashy and pretentious!), hole-in-the-wall eatery but don’t be fooled!! The food is definitely authentic, prepared personally by its Thai owner… and the food is absolutely amazing! What’s more, the prices are cheap and you get good value for your money. 

Okay, ‘nuff said already. Chow time, er, I mean these are what we chowed on:

This restaurant is a must-go-to place when you’re in Phnom Penh. I’ve seen this restaurant every time I pass the area but never thought about stopping by and trying their food. It pays to have someone who knows where the best Thai food is – a Thai friend, of course! *lol* Although the waiting is a bit longer but I don’t mind. That means it is being prepared right there and then, and, oh my, what a heavenly meal you are going to have. So a little patience is all you need…

I will post the name of the restaurant and address as soon as I get them.

Food Trip Friday 043: Mie Goreng (Fried noodles)

Here’s another of my favourite fried noodles, mie goreng, which I ordered on my first visit to Sumatra Restaurant with friends. We ordered several dishes, of course, but since I am such a noodle-fan, the spotlight will be on mie goreng! Besides my Peluka-sister PinayWifeSpeaks already featured those in the previous FTFs.

Ibu, Ipe… Saya tidak bisa mendapatkan cukup dari mie goreng panas dan pedas. Janji.

It’s so hoooooooooot and spicy and I love it so much I want to go back for more! I know it’s just easy to make as well. Boil a pack or two of instant noodles (using Indomi, the most popular Indonesian brand and also a hit in Cambodia), combined with chicken, bits of vegetables, and a generous amount of freshly chopped red-hot chili and spices!!  Seriously, I so love fried noodles (well, noodles in general) and I can eat just only this dish like every day =)

Food Trip Friday 031: Fried Seafood with Bean Noodles

I had another lunch date with friends at Samdoo Restaurant. It was definitely another food trip because the dim sum was just coming and coming… albeit at slow intervals. But my entry for this week was a dish we ordered from a previous lunch date, also in Samdoo.

We weren’t disappointed at all! It’s so tasty and had the right amount of pepper and oyster sauce to spice it up. But most of all, it satisfied our cravings for seafoods!

Of course, this dish came with the house special Samdoo “ried rice” and our other favorite dim sum fares.

Food Trip Friday 029: Braised/Simmered noodles

Dinner two nights ago:

Braised/simmered noodles. I made this myself following the recipe of Tigerfish of Teczcape – An Escape to Food, my favorite place for easy to cook Chinese and Indian food.
My husband and I loved the braised noodles. The sauce is very tasty but I love to squeeze in lime juice for the added tang. I also sprinkled ground white pepper for the spice factor and we love the crunchiness of the carrots and cabbage. I was tempted to eat this with hot buns (my husband’s version of pandesal) but am glad I successfully kept myself from doing so. Sobrang carbs na hihihi.

Simply Delicious Sunday Recipe 005: Kao soi (Chiang Mai curry noodles)

Once upon a time, I went to Bangkok. I was received very well and my Thai colleagues were very eager to show me around. Being a newbie in Thailand, it was an opportunity for them to introduce me to everything Thai, especially to their delectable food. They took me to the usual touristic places, and most importantly, to the best eats in Bangkok.

Of course, they know where the best places are — and they’re not in restaurants but in the food stalls by the roadside. There are a lot of these roadside food stalls around Bangkok and for about 50 Baht ($1=35.48Baht), you can enjoy a plate of fried rice, noodles, and a whole lot more. Some would frown at the thought of eating at roadside stalls but I think that it is not bad at all and they are missing if you haven’t tried it yet.

Having meals in these food stalls, I was introduced to one of the popular dishes, kao soi, or the Chiang Mai curry noodles. Reminiscent of the Malaysian laksa that I also love so much, the spicy, savoury, rich and creamy flavor started my love affair with this Chiang Mai specialty. Here’s the recipe:


600ml/ 1 pint/ 2 1/2 cups coconut milk
30ml/ 2 tbsp red curry paste
5ml/ 1 tsp ground turmeric
450gms/ 1lb chicken thighs, boned and cut into bite-size chunks (pork and beef may also be used)
600ml/ 1 pint/ 2 1/2 cups chicken stock
60ml/ 4 tbsp fish sauce
15ml/ 1 tbsp dark soy sauce
juice of 1/2 – 1 lime
450gms/1lb fresh egg noodles, blanched briefly in boiling water
salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the Garnish:
3 spring onions, chopped
4 red chillies, seeded and chopped
60ml/ 4 tbsp sliced pickled mustard leaves, rinsed
30ml/ 2 tbsp fried sliced garlic
coriander leaves
4 fried noodle nests (optional)

1. Put one third of the coconut milk into a large saucepan, bring to a boil and stir with a wooden spoon until it separates.

2. Add the curry paste and ground turmeric, stir to mix completely and cook until fragrant.

3. Add the chicken and stir fry for about 2minutes, ensuring that all the chunks are coated with the paste.

4. Add the remaining coconut milk, chicken stock, fish sauce and soy sauce. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Simmer gently for about 7-10minutes. Remove from heat and stir in lime juice.

5. Re-heat the noodles in boiling water, drain and divide between individual bowls and ladle in the hot soup. Top each serving with a few of each of the garnishes.

Et voila —

my version of laksa
A hot bowl of comfort food

I used a dried flat noodle so I soaked it first for about 15minutes in warm water before being drained for use. I added some green beans when I made this dish just for added color. There was very little sauce left when I poured the sauce on the noodles, perhaps the noodles absorbed it. Nevertheless, it still has the same aromatic and spicy flavor of kao soi that I love. Hope you’ll like it too.

For more delicious recipes, head over to Tamy’s Simply Delicious Sunday Recipes site.

Wordless Wednesday #19: My version of Malaysian laksa

The first time I went to Malaysia, my Malaysian friends brought me to one of KL’s food strips and was introduced to laksa. The verdict – I instantly liked it! I love the mix of spicy, aromatic, rich and creamy (coconut milk) flavor bursting in my mouth. Some people I know complained about getting sick of the gravy after just a few spoonfuls of it but not me 🙂 So one day while I was surfing the net, I came across a blogger-friend professing his love for laksa and reading his post, I couldn’t stop craving for it.

my version of laksa

So this is my version of Malaysian laksa. If you noticed the ingredients are not quite the same as the Malaysian version (and it is dry) but at least I got the spice and coconut flavor right 🙂