A Plate of Spaghetti

Hello, everyone!

This is about one of my favorite comfort foods on a rainy day – spaghetti. There’s usually a lot of pasta choices in the restos here but for today, it’s spaghetti with garlic bread. This is a savory dish, a bit on the sour-y side but still yummy. The sauce is enough and the two slices of garlic bread complete dish. There is a dash of parsley on top, although the sprinkling of grated cheese seems to be missing. The noodles were cooked al dente. Flavorful and filling! Good for sharing, if you are watching your portions, even if it’s for a solo serving only. Price: reasonable.

SHAKEY’S Solo Spaghetti, Php 180.00

Location: SHAKEY’S, Ground Floor SM-Naga, CBD 2 Triangulo St. Naga City 4400 Philippines





Food Trip Friday 068: Leftovers are good!


Friday once again and, as usual, our day started late.Woke up past 9am and only had coffee to begin the day…

Lunch was leftover spaghetti with bolognaise sauce that I re-heated. In a pyrex dish, I put all the leftover pasta, then the sauce. Before chucking them into the oven, I sprinkled a generous amount of cheese, and in 20minutes, we have this cheesy baked spaghetti.

This went very well with our leftover fried chicken and ice-cold Coca-Cola 🙂

Lunch for two is solved.