Creative Food Art: National Flags Made with Food

I was surfing the net today and mindlessly clicking links like a madwoman. Then I came across this web ad that promoted the International Food Festival in Sydney in September last year. I say the idea is very creative and original I haven’t seen anything like this before. It definitely appeals to those who are flag and food enthusiasts!  There are only twelve flags — notably missing are the flags of USA, Philippines (shempre!), Thailand, UK, Germany, China, and many more. These “edible” flags are made from foods/edibles that are native to the country it represents. If the aim was to generate interest on the event, then, hands down, this ad certainly achieved its goal.
If you are familiar with the different flags of the world, you might  be able to identify them instantly!

So, which flag(s) would you like to eat, and why?
How many flags have you guessed correctly? Tell me how did you fare in this mini quiz. The answers are in the comment section =)

3 thoughts on “Creative Food Art: National Flags Made with Food

  1. Wow this is brilliantly made! It even represents the ingredients /dish the country is known by like Australia with its pies, India with butter chicken and basmati rice, Italy with pasta, tomatoes and basil, France with cheese and wine grapes.AmazingRaymund

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