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Hi, after three weeks in hiatus, I am now back and ready for blogging action. I was away because I went home for some emergency medical check ups, and thankfully, there is nothing to worry about my health. In my three weeks of being away, I missed my husband and Khmer food but at the same time, I had a grand time eating Filipino food that I missed for so long a time (three years!).

flavors of indiaAnyways, when I came back, my husband took me out for dinner and we went to this Indian restaurant called Flavours of India. This is what I love being in Cambodia, the food are genuinely international and there is no shortage of restaurants offering dishes from the subcontinent! Indian, Nepalese, Pakistanis, Sri Lankan – name it, Phnom Penh has it! Flavours of India is located at St. 63, several doors down from the junction of Sihanouk Blvd. and St. 63. I was surprised to learn that the owner is Nepalese. No wonder they also Nepalese dishes aside from the North Indian fares, specialising mostly on chicken dishes. Lamb dishes are also a must-try, and there are also vegetarian dishes to choose from.

The restaurant is elegant, probably owing to the soft lighting and the tables are arranged in such a way that it surrounds a couch (below). If you look at the photo closer, you will see on the left hand side, a hookah. I heard that diners can take a complimentary puff of the hookah and they even provide the tobacco for free.
flavors of india interior

Chicken samosa, 2 big pcs $.250
chicken samosa close up
Crispy crust stuffed with minced chicken and onion. Yummy. We also ordered vegetable samosa, and for $1.50, you get 2 big pcs already. Instead of chicken, it is stuffed with seasoned and spiced potatoes and peas.

Chicken biryani, $5.00
chicken biryani
Chicken cooked with North Indian spices and rice. The chicken cuts are okay, and the serving is big enough for two persons.

My husband ordered rogan josh. At $6.00 per serving, my husband was already in heaven savoring every last morsel of the dish. Rogan josh is a classic Kashmiri dish cooked with diced lamb in a rich onion and tomato sauce and served with either saffron rice of 2 pcs of chapati.

The spices on the mnetioned dishes are just right for my liking! If you do not like it very hot, just tell the waiter. They will ask you, anyway.

So if you are up for a nice Indian meal, try Flavours of India.
#158 St. 63, just below the Sihanouk and St. 63 junction

4 thoughts on “Flavors of India

  1. ZJ says:

    Hello Tigerfish!This is one good thing about living in Phnom Penh, we have abundance of authentic international cuisines 🙂 Chicken biryani is a favorite of mine, too.

  2. Juan says:

    We had a very bad delivery experience with Flavours of India. An Indian guy on the phone took our order which was two set meals – one with chicken curry (for 6$) and another one with mutton curry (for 7$). The Indian hanged without confirming the price. After around 20 minutes he called back and repeated our order to confirm it, and hanged it at once again without a word about the price. When the delivery guys arrived, they brought the mutton meal, and a separate order of chicken curry (not a meal) for 4$ and a team meal for 30$. Of all the English words the Khmer guys should have known, they knew only one – “bye”. Still, they were able to understand that we weren’t exactly satisfied with the food they brought, so they put the Indian owner on the phone, and he was trying to insist that that was precisely what we ordered. Then he passed the phone to another Indian friend of his, who told us that it was ok if we just take the mutton set meal and the chicken curry. The problem was – the Khmers could not even figure it out to point where in two plastic bags the chicken curry was – apparently, they work for an Indian restaurant and don’t know how the fucking chicken curry sounds in English, – so we just took the smaller bag assuming that it had both the mutton meal and the chicken curry. The Khmers first tried to take one dollar more than it really cost but failed. In the end, when we were already inside the house and opened the boxes, it was only the mutton meal which set us back 11 bucks! And the mutton itself – which was the main dish of the meal – consisted of only three little peaces of meat. Never going to deal with this restaurant anymore.

    • TheQoWS says:

      Hello, Juan. My husband and I usually dine in their restaurant so I cannot really comment about their delivery service. We have not been there after we moved residence in 2010 and the last I heard of them, there were management problems and the owner was beset with personal troubles,too. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with Flavours of India.

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