Food Trip Friday 004: Shrimp ouzi

One thing that I love living in Phnom Penh is that there is no shortage of restaurants offering genuine international cuisine. So two years ago, when news of a Lebanese restaurant opening spread out to the expat community, my husband and I and fellow blogger Toe went there, eager to sample what it has to offer. The restaurant, the very first in Cambodia, is called Le Cedre. I know the name sounds French but the food is authentic Lebanese. And we weren’t disappointed; we were instant fans. Two years on, Toe had already left Cambodia, and my husband and I still keep on coming back for more Lebanese specialties.

And here’s one reason why:

Shrimp Ouzi
Shrimp Ouzi – rice and shrimps with pine nuts, herbs and other spices wrapped in what looked like a pastry.

Shrimp ouzi 2

9 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 004: Shrimp ouzi

  1. That is something I’d like to try too. Very tasty I think. BTW, the squash noodles has a better taste, for me. There are some flour noodles that has this kind of smell esp. when they don’t use the special ones.

  2. For sure i haven’t tried this food but am willing to try. Looks deli eh. :)MIne is here - week-end!

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