Food Trip Friday 006: Fresh Spring Rolls

These fresh spring rolls from the Boat Noodle Restaurant are a favourite and they were gone in a few minutes! They are a refreshing, and healthier, change from the usual fried kind. It is never served without the accompanying dipping sauce which helps bring out the flavour. Served in a boat, don’t you think they make a pleasing and appetizing presentation with the colour ful filling? 🙂

FT Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Fresh Spring Rolls

Just about 200metres away from the Philippine Embassy, you will find the Boat Noodle Restaurant. Set in a beautiful and charming wooden house and a sprinkling of wooden artefacts and decorative flowers and plants, Boat Noodle Restaurant is the favourite of many, locals and ex-pats alike. My husband and I have tried other restaurants with similar offerings but we keep on coming back to the Boat Noodle Restaurant. And who wouldn’t? The food is spicy (you can ask the waiters to “de-chillify”), authentic and tasty, and the prices are low. Whenever I crave for food – spicy mango or green papaya salad, fish amok, my favorite fresh spring rolls, and many others — this is where I go.

6 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 006: Fresh Spring Rolls

  1. i love boat noodles too and those fresh spring rolls. if we don't have time to go out, i just badger my mother-in-law to make it. i've even learned how to make the sauce. :)really delicious and healthy pa.

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