Food Trip Friday 009: Taro spring roll

My favorite snack – crispy taro spring roll.

Wonderful blend of shredded taro, pork, and shrimps with secret spices, fried and dipped in Khmer sweet and sour sauce.

8 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 009: Taro spring roll

  1. hmmnn….Not familiar with that but looks yummy–I love sweet and sour sauce.Thanks for dropping by,Sreisaat!!btw,your code of BWO works for me now!!Thanks for letting me grab 'em!!!!^_^and one thing,I'll post the recipe pag sinipag ako,medyo tinamad lang akong mag-post ng recipe ngayon lol!!Have a great weekend!!^_^

  2. Taro spring roll is healthier, I think, and hindi siya nakaka-uyam (tama ba ang term?) kahit marami ang nakain mo. Masarap na meat extender ang taro :)Clarissa, buti naman ay napa-gana mo ang codes! Hehehe. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. first time I heard about this springroll combination :)it looks like a regular lumpiang shanghai. but i bet it taste different and delicious.

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