Food Trip Friday 012: Mok chaa mareth

One of the reasons why my husband and I keep on coming back to Kep:

close up of fried squid

Seafoods trip!
Above is our favorite, mok chaa mareth kchhay (fried squid with young peppercorn). Fresh squid caught the night before from the Gulf of Thailand, blended with oyster and chilli sauces, and spiced up with Kampot peppercorn grown in the lush mountains of Phnom Voar, the last refuge of Khmer Rouge soldiers. We washed down the spicy flavor with fresh coconut juice. Hayyy, heaven on earth!

I tried several times to cook this at home but I never got the taste right. Oh well, as wise folks say… try and try… and try again.

11 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 012: Mok chaa mareth

  1. Wow!!That is trully a delicious one!!I love spicy foods!!Nice to know something new on Cambodian foods!!It's my first time to know about Kampot peppercorn–interesting!!Enjoy your weekend,Sreisaat!!^_^

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