Food Trip Friday 018: Cambodian crispy spring rolls

… from Sugar Palm Restaurant in Phnom Penh.

Spring rolls are served in most restaurants everywhere in Cambodia but my favorite of them all comes from Sugar Palm restaurant along the chic Street 240. The crispy Cambodian spring roll, as you can see above, is not wrapped in lumpia wrapper but in bean noodles. The filling is made from ground pork and spices  and a bit of prahok paste to give it just enough fishy flavor. An order of the crispy spring roll  (pricey for  $4.50) comes with a sweet-sour peanut sauce and a teeny-weeny pile of nom lahong (Cambodian pickled papaya).
The cozy Sugar Palm Restaurant is named after one of Cambodia’s national icons, the sugar palm tree  (borassus flabellifer), or the Asian Palmyra palm. These trees are not hard to miss (from afar they look like cute pompom heads on a stick) as they are found all throughout Cambodia. Just like our very own coconut tree, the sugar palm tree plays a very important role in providing a source of income, and not to mention as a source of building materials, to Cambodians.

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