Food Trip Friday 024: Going Chinese

In observance of the Holy Week in the Philippines, I am sharing this Chinese dish I and my friends had in one of our meatless lunch dates.

Cold silk tofu with century egg. At first I cringed at the thought of eating chilled, raw tofu (the soft kind) but my curiousity was piqued. I wolfed down one slice of tofu with a bit of  the egg on top, of course, I dipped it first in the vinegar-soy sauce dipping with loads of garlic and chopped red chillies. Ooh-la-la. Tastes heaven.

The tofu dish also went absolutely great with this freshly-made noodles seasoned only with sesame oil, soy sauce and egg. All these and more (fried/steamed dumplings, Peking duck, and a lot more) are available at my favorite Chinese food haunt, the Peking Canteen near Psah Thmey (Central Market), which is just a stone’s throw away from the Sorya Bus station. So if you are looking for incredibly cheap but yummy Chinese food, just go to Peking Canteen. Packed during lunchtime but worth the wait. Satisfaction guaranteed.

13 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 024: Going Chinese

  1. I miss the century eggs and that cold silk tofu (in china we call that japanese tofu) miss ko ang kalambutan and the yummy taste.Nagugutom ako tuloy sa mga posts mo. :)Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!Arlene

  2. Something went wrong as I clicked the publish button. Anyway, I was saying these are new to me, very interesting though. I'll google now if they serve these in Chinese restos in the Philippines. LYNN

  3. super yummy! i think that's the yummiest noodles I've tried, no kidding. The price makes it all the more deliciozo! I'll probably drag hi-ace there this weekend feel ko kumain ulit nyan..

  4. Tastes heaven nga tong silk tofu with century egg mo!silk tofu is called kinugoshi dofu while momen dofu is called for the hard one in japanese.I don't eat raw tofu during my first year in Japan but I get used of eating them tofu with bonito flakes on top and some chopped leeks,then dip them with soy sauce then partner them with boiled edamame( baby soybeans on the pods)and cold beer,ayos na ako dyan!^_^Happy Birthday and Happy Easter to you,Sreeisaat!!Best wishes po!^_^

  5. Dhay Birthday diay nimo.. Joyeux Anniversaire!! Wish you all the best:)Cold silk tofu w/egg looks really yummy:) Have a blessed easter!

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