Food Trip Friday 026: Khmer lo’chaa noodles

This is one of my favorites in Cambodia. It’s called lo’chaa and it is a kind of rice noodles, round, about 2-3inches in length, and looks like maggots (pardon the comparison). It is stir-fried with bean sprouts, spring onions, and some spinach or collard greens and your choice of meat – beef or pork. I prefer mine meatless but with fried egg (well done) and pate on top.

 The accompanying sauce is a blend of palm vinegar, palm sugar, salt, fish sauce, garlic, red chillies, lime juice and a bit of water.  Depending on your preference, you may also add a dollop of chilli sauce to complete the taste. As I love the riot of flavours in my mouth, I put chilli sauce. I have to say that the sweet and sour-chilli sauces concoction is absolutely da-bomb I could really live off this stuff. It is sold almost everywhere in the city, even in pushcarts that go around, but the best place for lo’chaa is along Street 178 near the National Museum. You should definitely try fried lo’chaa when you are in Cambodia.

17 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 026: Khmer lo’chaa noodles

  1. yummy! we should try the one a block away from norton. yun daw talaga ang first ever lo'chaa sabi ni sen and its always jam packed. and i must say its the best ive tried here in PP..super big serving and the sauce is hayyy heavenly! we should learn to cook that..

  2. AC says:

    waah!!! naloka ako sa pangalan.. di ko mabasa.. hahaha!!! but I guess it's yum… I wanna try!!!and sis.. thanks for adding me to your blog roll… I'll add you to mine… =)

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