Food Trip Friday 027: Soup trey ma’choo

The name of the food might be difficult for most of you to pronounce, but I tell you, the soup is really fantastic. Soup trey ma’choo, when translated, means fish sour soup, and this is the Khmer’s version of our very own fish sinigang. The Khmers make it sour by using semi-ripe tomatoes and pineapples too.

So how did I get to  this steaming bowl of soup? My landlady 😀 She knew I wasn’t feeling well that day when I went to get some stuffs from her small sari-sari store at the ground floor of our apartment building. Just after I closed the door behind me, I heard a knock at the door and saw her standing there holding in front of her this aromatic bowl of soup. She told me that this soup is perfect to eat when you are a little under the weather. It’s not only very healthy – there are lots of fresh tomatoes, fragrant herbs and spring onions in it – but also very flavourful! Bless her soul. 
Now who wouldn’t feel better after eating this? I did.

15 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 027: Soup trey ma’choo

  1. ayan akala ko hindi na naman ako makacomment eh ang sarap pa naman ng entry(ee) mo! I love pineapples, I'll find a recipe coz hubby has been suffering from sleepless nights…coughing! 🙁 Thanks muchos!

  2. tingin palang nakakagutom na…gosh, I have trouble uttering the name of this dish…ehehehe!glad to be here..thanks for checking my FTF entry….:)

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