Food Trip Friday 030: Chicken Jenjaloo

I recently discovered a new and exciting Indian dish at our favorite curry restaurant in Phnom Penh, Mt Everest Restaurant. It may sound like Nepali but the owners are 100% Indian and are offering the best of Indian and Nepali cuisine. This restaurant has been in the same spot along Sihanouk Boulevard for  the last 10 years now, and, according to long-time expat residents, it’s already been there even before I arrived in the country. The no-fuss-no frills restaurant is sandwiched between the ANZ bank and an upmarket clothes shop. But do not be fooled by its incongruous looks, it is the curry institution in the city in my humble opinion, if ever there is one.

Chicken jenjaloo, spicy chicken in various Indian spices. It’s not like any other curries I’ve had before – it is sweet-ish and at the same time spicy, and the curry-gravy is just finger-lickin’ good –  I instantly favorite-d this one. Even my English husband says it is the best we’ve had in all of our stay in Cambodia. Best eaten with a few chapatis and your hands.

So if you are in the Penh and looking for the best Ruby Murrays in the Penh, I highly recommend Mt. Everest Restaurant. Dining there doesn’t burn your pocket as well.

10 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 030: Chicken Jenjaloo

  1. We like Indian dishes too, pero bumibili ako ng mimx sa Asia shop hehe, biryani, tikka masala…this dish looks it's oozing with curry goodness, one hubby enjoys!

  2. Curries is best eaten with rice or chapatis or naan.Yumm!!Walang tatalo sa spices nyan!!I love curries!!(^0^)/What I love here at our fave indian restaurant is that they have a few but 3 varieties of set curries( veggie,beef and chicken)tapos you make sawsaw the naan (na mainit pa)to the curry then eat.

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