Food Trip Friday 031: Fried Seafood with Bean Noodles

I had another lunch date with friends at Samdoo Restaurant. It was definitely another food trip because the dim sum was just coming and coming… albeit at slow intervals. But my entry for this week was a dish we ordered from a previous lunch date, also in Samdoo.

We weren’t disappointed at all! It’s so tasty and had the right amount of pepper and oyster sauce to spice it up. But most of all, it satisfied our cravings for seafoods!

Of course, this dish came with the house special Samdoo “ried rice” and our other favorite dim sum fares.

11 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 031: Fried Seafood with Bean Noodles

  1. when I look at your photos, I always think to myself: wow! healthy naman laging may gulay…then yung oyster sauce is salty di ba? hehe nonetheless, masarap p adin 😀

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