Food Trip Friday 032: Thai eggplant and ground pork

Don’t let this sorry-looking photo stop you from ordering this at the Lemon Grass Restaurant. It tastes better than it looks. It definitely made up for the lousy pad thai and green chicken curry that we ordered along side this dish.

The ground pork sits on top of grilled (and peeled) eggplant splashed with a sweet-and-sour sauce. The Thai basil and mint provides extra herbal goodness while the peanuts give it a nutty/crunchy factor.

10 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 032: Thai eggplant and ground pork

  1. Yay green vegetable, kakasawa din araw araw ako dyan.. the white one is that bulgarian cheese. kasi dito pag ganun nilalagyan nila ng bulgarian cheese:)

  2. me ang hubby went to his friends house with a cute preggy thai wife at ang dami nyang tanim na basil at iba pang gulay .nakakatuwa,nakalimutan ko tuloy humingi ng nga basil leaves.perfect nga yang salad sda mga nagdadiet.

  3. Looks interesting…I've never tried pork on salad pero sige dahil recommended mo ma-itry once mapadpad ako cambodia ehehehe… 😉 Happy weekend sis!

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