Food Trip Friday 033: Pork chop, tofu, and steamed veggies

Tonight I was feeling a bit under the weather and so it is one of those times when I didn’t feel like spending so much time in the kitchen. I’m sure you all probably feel the same at some point. So tonight, as per usual whenever I am not up to cooking, I just made this fried pork chop (this was marinated beforehand) and tofu and assorted steamed veggies.

It’s fast and no fuss and delicious, too, if you get the pork marinade right.

How about you, what do you prepare when you don’t feel like cooking? I would love it if you could share your recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

19 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 033: Pork chop, tofu, and steamed veggies

  1. i won't mind eating this always (minus fried pork) if am not in the mood to cook. But at times vegetables are so expensive that i just grab noodles at times to be boiled and to be eaten with ketchup and lots of steamed green veggies.Happy weekend!

  2. @Luna, di pwede kasi ang soup lang sa husband at ayaw niya rin ng instant noodles. haiz, kung ako lang, solb na ko dun.@FoodTripFriday,wow, galing naman ng husband mo. Fishing is one thing my husband loves to do but can't right now… fresh bass from the ocean and right into your frying pan! I bet it's very tasty.@Tatess, many thanks for visiting. I'll be heading to see your entries a little later ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. @Guiltless Grub, how I wish we have a street food lane like the ones you have other there. @Kitchen Essentials, thank you. The colorful veggies are almost a staple na rin sa meals namin.@Arlene, oo nga, ang mamahal ng veggies din dito kasi karamihan hindi locally-grown. Imported pa. Ayaw naman ng husband ko ng instant noodles e, kung ako lang, okay na ako dun.

  4. @Chubskulit, korek ka dyan! hihihi. I like preparing something nice and tasty for our meals, kesehodang matrabaho kapag ako ay nasa mood.@u8mypinkcookies, I love tofu. Kahit pinirito lang slathered with Sriracha hot sauce, solb na solb na ako.@Frankie, I really laughed out loud with your comment. I wish I have a garden like yours so we'll have fresh veggies every meals.

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