Food Trip Friday 037: Khmer yellow curry at ang bahaw…bow!

For some reason I wasn’t really impressed at the curry my husband ordered at Hagar Restaurant several nights ago:

Seeing the unusual rice shape, I thought to myself, “ngiii, bahaw (cold, left-over rice)!” Di ba ganito ang itsura ng bahaw na naiwan sa kalan? Not that I dislike bahaw, or tutong (burnt rice crust), for that matter. In fact, ako ay laki sa bahaw (I grew up eating bahaw)! I was just surprised why a restaurant would serve rice in this manner,  but the husband assured me it’s not bahaw.

9 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 037: Khmer yellow curry at ang bahaw…bow!

  1. hahaha i also grew up eating bahaw! favorite ko pa yong hinumaw with a sprinkle of salt. my sister used to fight over hinumaw. LOL do you kung saan da best ang bahaw? ipares sa talaba! i got that from my lola. hayyy, sarap!

  2. Ako rin laki sa bahaw at tutong lol!Baka ganyan ang presentation ng curry nila pag summer?well anyway,kakainin ko pa rin yan–sayang lol!Thanks for dropping by dear and have a nice weekend to you and your family!^_^

  3. ako din grew up eating left over cold rice; tpos yung tutomng…sarap nun lalo na pag mainit init pa.yung chicken curry mo reminded me to make some tomorrow…wahhh mapapasabak na naman ako sa rice.

  4. rofl! i agree with J, naalala ko lemongrass. perhaps they were striving to make it resemble a quarter moon? haha..parang yung natitira lagi sa rice cooker namin..

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