Food Trip Friday 039: Pork Embutido

Home-made embutido… bow!

I finally was able to make this Pinoy meatloaf, errr, meat roll? Whatever. There are a lot of recipes online and I chose the one that didn’t look complicated to prepare. hihihi.
Masarap siya and my husband loves it, too. I made three huge logs that I keep in the fridge. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snacks din. Best eaten straight from the fridge, pero pwede ring i-fry, whatever suits your taste.

20 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 039: Pork Embutido

  1. MommyWilla, it is so easy to make. Just mix all the ingredients (ground pork, pickle relish, liver spread, carrots, raisins, diced red or green bell pepper, an egg, soy sauce, ground pepper) roll the mixture into a log using aluminum foil. But before that, ilagay mo muna sa gitna ang hardboiled eggs and vienna sausages. Then steam for an hour. Then chill for 3hrs or so and voila — meron ka nang embutido =)Che, o-order ka? Seriously? hahaha

  2. Hi Amina…Actually, the original recipe called for a mix of beef and pork. Since I don't like beef, I used pork all the way. Why don't you try making one with beef kahit konti lang muna? Then let me know =)

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