Food Trip Friday 042: Marmite delight!

I finally found a window of opportunity to blog this week. I haven’t been posting for weeks because of a consultancy job that I recently signed on to.
For this week’s Food Trip Friday, I’m sharing what I’ve been snacking on – marmite sandwich! It’s quick and easy to make.
My marmite delight! Spread it on toast or on sandwich. Generally spread thinly because of the strong flavour, but I love mine thick, but not as thick as jam!
According to the Marmite FAQ, a marmite is a thick, brown, savoury spread made from yeast that is a by-product of the brewing industry. It has a strong, salty flavour but surprisingly nutritious as it is packed with B-vitamin content, as well as riboflavin and niacin, and it is VEGAN!
I was introduced to marmite by my husband when his mum sent us a parcel with lots of goodies, including a jar of marmite that my husband grew up with and loves up to this day. Let’s say it wasn’t love at first sight between me and the marmite – I turned my nose up at it the moment he opened the jar. But as days and months and then years went on, I got so curious why most British-born seem to enjoy it.  I don’t remember  when and why I finally decided to give marmite a try but now I’m enjoying it on toast like a true-blue Brit.  I tell you, it is definitely an acquired taste and one that produces strong reactions from the uninitiated! You either love it, or hate it! It is also best with cheese 🙂
Now, Vegemite is another story!

13 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 042: Marmite delight!

  1. This is new to me din—interesting.And oh,you said that it is also best with cheese,now I'm tempted!^_^Have a blissful weekend to you and your family dear!

  2. Hmmm… pati rin ako na-curious na rin. I will tell this to my British friend who's coming over next month – magpapadala ako ng Marmite para matikman ko. :)My Food Trip Friday post is now up here:Midway Grill – La Union. Do drop by if you have the time. Happy weekends!

  3. Yup you are right its an aquired taste, I am living here in New Zealand and we have both Marmite and Vegemite and until now I cant take the flavour, for me the taste is like the residue left on that old soy sauce bottle. But I havent tried it with cheese, I will try it and might change my mind!

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