Food Trip Friday 045: Spicy Seafood and Crispy deep-fried fish

Two great reasons why we keep on coming back to Trasak Paem Restaurant, along Trasak Paem Street, a few blocks away from the Central Market:

Sizzling, spicy seafood! 

Very crispy deep-fried fish with garlic and green peppercorns *drools*

They’re soooo good and relatively cheap –  absolute great value for your money!

In Cambodia, it is best to order whole fish on a plate. My Cambodian friends say, this is because fish, like all kinds of meat,  that’s cooked “on the bone“, always tastes better. 
Trasak Paem Restaurant has a nice, cosy ambiance and the waiters and waitresses are quite attentive. Best thing about Trasak Paem restaurant is that the rice and tea are bottomless and dessert is free. No wonder it’s always full at lunchtime with locals and expats.

13 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 045: Spicy Seafood and Crispy deep-fried fish

  1. Hi there! Fried fish should always be served perfectly crisp, it makes eating it more enjoyable. :)Just wondering what type of fish that is? 😀

  2. i miss's like two weeks has gone by without me eating those yummy stuff again.. haha kakaaddict noh? And at their price, I don't mind..Tama ka Z, the best thing aside from they yummy choices, is yung free tea, dessert and rice, rice, rice! I think everytime we go there napapagod yung waiter kakakuha ng rice

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