Food Trip Friday 046: A taste of Lebanese

I think I have not posted these pictures yet so here they are.

On our third wedding anniversary, my husband and I went for Lebanese. It’s the very first Lebanese restaurant that opened in the Penh. One day after its launch, my husband and I had the pleasure of sampling their offerings with one of my favourite bloggers, Toe. 
On our special day, we were hoping to have a quiet dinner. The neak tas (gods, spirits) must have heard us – by the time we arrived (8pm-ish), only three tables were occupied and were already done, or finishing their meals. When our starters arrived, we were the only ones in the restaurant. It was really nice having the whole place only to ourselves – the lights were soft and there was a faint Lebanese music playing in the background. While my eyes were mesmerized by the hookah that sits seductively on a shelf across the room, my imagination ran wild — images of enchanting belly dancers slowly making its way inside the smoky room flashed on my mind
Oh well, enough of the drama… here are the main attractions for today:

For starter: Mankoucheh sojouk and cheese. It’s a Lebanese pizza topped with cheese and sausages.

Sojouk, spiced Lebanese sausage. It comes with giant Lebanese bread.

Main: Ouzi samak,spicy baked fish served with salad.

Main: Mixed shawarma, a mixed plate of chicken and beef shawarma grilled on an upright spit.

Mixed sweets for dessert, the oh-so-sinful baklava and another kind but forgot the name.
I think I already said this, but I’m saying it again…
One of the best things about living in Phnom Penh is the numerous restaurants offering authentic international cuisines – French, Italian, Russian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, German, Filipino, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean (yes, we also have Pyongyang Restaurant offering North Korean fares!), Mexican, Spanish – name it, they are all here! What’s more, dining out doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and most of these restaurants do not require reservations, how cool is that?

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  1. wow Z, sarap namang nitong mga kinain nyo…pero most importantly, i love your imagination…kaso kala ko you'll tell na na-iimagine mo na you're doing some belly dancing while rob is using the hookah! 🙂 happy weekend na lang! hugs!

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