Food Trip Friday 048: Rogan josh

I’m sure a lot of you know  by  now what happened  this week in Phnom Penh. We are still in mourning and the Penh is still unusually quiet. People are still reeling from the horrible incident, and grieving the loss of hundreds, mostly young people. The Cambodian Prime Minister declared yesterday, Thursday, the national mourning day.  
Coincidentally, it was my husband’s birthday and, out of respect for the victims and their families, he decided to forego our planned birthday dinner. Which is fine to me, by the way. So we had Indian food delivered to us instead. This is one of my husband’s favourite:
I often mispronounced this dish to something like Groban Josh! *lol* Rogan josh is  diced lamb meat cooked in heavenly rich onion and tomato sauce. Of course, rogan josh, or any other curry for that matter, is not eaten without it’s ever-present partner, the chapati:
   And this is how we ate it…

14 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 048: Rogan josh

  1. i miss eating chapati's!!! uyy let's have indian food next? hahaha for you but we don't have it often.PS. the polaroid effect looks fab. parang diary talaga ever anoh?

  2. trying again and this time it works, yipee! rogan josh, i love it too but not tried it with chapati but instead with rice, dami kasi subo para nde maramdaman ang anghang! lolz! happy friday and belated happy birthday to rob! cheers! 🙂

  3. I don't have so many lamb recipes but this is so worth a try! All good on my part of the world, hope you're the same! ;-)P.S. To comment, go to home and click the number of comments so the comment box would pop out 🙂

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