Food Trip Friday 049: B is for Bibimbap (again!)

Oh yes, because bibimbap is one of my favourites I ordered it again when PinayWifeSpeaks, PinayMum, and I were at Sovanna Mall a few months ago. PinayWifeSpeaks led us to this tiny Korean stall called Kimchi and Bulgogi. The menu is limited but we all thought it was worth a try. So we did.  

Looks gorgeous, isn’t it? The colours as well as the textures not only make it my favourite but also appealing to many. Haven’t you noticed how many times I said the word “favourite”? It’s a record! *lol*

We also ordered these tasty sushi rolls to complete our meal. Di naman kami gutom masyado!

I wish I could back there again to try the Korean version of dongas. PinayWifeSpeaks guarantees to its yummy-ness! I’m convinced ^-^

12 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 049: B is for Bibimbap (again!)

  1. nope, di tayo masyadong gutom. di nga halata eh. there's also one stall there selling 'heavenly' seafood noodle soup. Pag feeling ko im going to have colds punta kagad ako. It has lots of mint and served in clay pots.

  2. hayy, this and naga's bibimbap are the reason why i loved it…kaya i ordered it last tuesday kaya lang its different, hehehe, buti na lang i am eating with peluka girls! lolz! kain ulit tayo dyan, love it–mura na, masarap pa—sulit! 🙂 happy weekend Z…

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