Food Trip Friday 052: Chocolate-coated corn flakes



I have a weakness for chocolate and, over the holidays, my husband totally spoiled me with the chocolate-y goodness of his childhood. The kitchen was his for the time being as he lovingly made chocolate desserts and sweets the same way his mum did when he was a boy. No wonder my blood sugar increased several notches after the holidays! Just kidding.

So here’s one: 

Corn flakes coated in  melted dark and white chocolates with brandy-soaked raisins. It’s fattening alright yet oh-so-tempting-and-oh-so-good! Pardon the quality of the photograph but I assure you it tastes much, much better than it looks here.

A very interesting note: The very mention of chocolate-corn flakes crispies brings added spring in my husband’s walk. I think it brought back memories of his childhood; the scent of the chocolate and vanilla transported him back to his mum’s kitchen and delicious cooking.

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