Food Trip Friday 054: Omelet a la Sreisaat

Another product of my experimentation in the kitchen. At a first glance, it looks like pizza… but it’s not. It’s just an omelet with a lot of borloloys (extras). Since I made this from scratch for dinner last night, I shall call it…

Yes, we make our omelet with a blow-torch! Blow-torching cooks the top portion nicely and without burning the bottom part. It also gives us a nice burnt/toasted cheesy taste. With the blow-torch I take my time and don’t move haphazardly from one side of the omelet to the other until the spot I’ve been working on has  achieved the “burnt/toasted” colour that I want.

Oh, and as dessert, my husband made another batch of his choco-corn flakes. Yum.

15 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 054: Omelet a la Sreisaat

  1. You're omelet looks so yummy! And to think I've been having omelets na every other day since Dec. hehe..Wala ng tira yung choco corn flakes?

  2. Ang sarap ng omelette mo, Z!Btw, ano yang blow torch? Parang di pa ako nakakita nyan. dropping from FTF and TBE. Followed u, too.Arlene–ArleneJoys in LifeAll About HerMy Fashion SenseHealthy Lifestyle

  3. Thanks, ladies, for visiting. Appreciate it a lot.Lui, Rob will make some more. Come with Sen and join us for lunch. I'm also going to invite the other PELUKA girls and hubbies :)Lyza, thanks for following :)Luna, ipa-patent ba dapat? hihihiMumsified, car-tool yan ni R. hehehe. You can get it from any auto-shops for less than $15. I'll tell you when we meet on Friday :)Arlene, the blow-torch we're using is something you use to melt or braze metals. In other words, pang-kotse but can be used in the kitchen because it's just small. It can attached to any size of gas cylinders and what we have at home is attached to a gas can the size of a mosquito repellant can. Three-cookies, thank you. It was delicious indeed.

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