Food Trip Friday 056: Lucky’s Italian Gelato

After successfully combating viruses and malwares lurking maliciously in my laptop, I rewarded my husband with – wait for this – three scoops of gelato! So off we went to Lucky’s in Sihanouk Boulevard for this very refreshing treat.

Gelato has no cream in it and has a much lower fat content compared to ice cream; yet it is creamy, melts in your mouth so quickly  and you can taste the full flavour  immediately.  Yum. A second helping of gelato is always a MUST.

15 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 056: Lucky’s Italian Gelato

  1. a fave! at mura pa. i love all their 'coffee' flavored gelato and their mint chocolate. si chinks naman loves the one with crushed cookies, she calls it ice cream with soil.

  2. ang sarap…love the sugar cone din! hehehe! kapag gumaling na ang ubo, gusto ko kumain nyan ulit, hehehe, miss ko na! good time with you and the girls…thank you! happy food trip friday! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Ladies. Gusto niyo ng gelato? Padalhan ko kayo — picture ng gelato! heheheJennie, mas masarap ang gelato pag summer :PJenn, go na agad and sample a scoop of gelato. For sure, babalik-balikan mo ito, kesehodang nasa kasulok-sulukan pa ito ng SM 🙂

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