Food Trip Friday 058: Saturday BBQ lunch

Two weeks ago my husband and I hosted a BBQ lunch at our house. We invited our friends to come over just because…

We had the food and drinks covered but friends still brought some “contributions”.  PinayWifeSpeaks brought her creamilicious Bicol Express, Mumsified made leche flan and PinayMum contributed ham, cheese, siomai and other finger foods. Due to the “excitement” we forgot to serve the fresh fruits brought by Mom of the Furries and the hotdogs with mallows for the kids.

Some more pics:

The kiddos had a great time playing Wii games, Jenga, and riding on our stationary bike! With plenty of food and drinks that lasted all afternoon, it was a fantastic way to spend the weekend together.

N.B.: Unless otherwise noted, the pictures are mine and first appeared in my other blog.

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