Food Trip Friday 059: Thai food trip

Last week I had the most amazing Thai food, well, outside Thailand, anyway. No, I did not dine in a 5-star hotel, or the chic restos in the area, or places with Thai-sounding names. The restaurant, whose name I had actually forgotten,  is a small unassuming place just across the more popular Walkabout Bar in St. 51. People might think it’s a tiny, nondescript (not flashy and pretentious!), hole-in-the-wall eatery but don’t be fooled!! The food is definitely authentic, prepared personally by its Thai owner… and the food is absolutely amazing! What’s more, the prices are cheap and you get good value for your money. 

Okay, ‘nuff said already. Chow time, er, I mean these are what we chowed on:

This restaurant is a must-go-to place when you’re in Phnom Penh. I’ve seen this restaurant every time I pass the area but never thought about stopping by and trying their food. It pays to have someone who knows where the best Thai food is – a Thai friend, of course! *lol* Although the waiting is a bit longer but I don’t mind. That means it is being prepared right there and then, and, oh my, what a heavenly meal you are going to have. So a little patience is all you need…

I will post the name of the restaurant and address as soon as I get them.

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