Food Trip Friday 061: The Pelukas went Korean

This picture was taken a month ago, in one of our regular jaunts in the Penh. As usual, we didn’t have a clue where to go because, even, if our stomachs were already growling, we were busy yapping. Someone suggested we go Korean… and images of yummy Korean barbecues and grills entered our minds. Like Pavlov’s dog, we instantly drooled and decided in unison that that’s where we would love to go…

If I am not mistaken, we all ordered this dish:

This dish costs about $5++, a bit pricey for one order and without rice but the portions were huge. The meat is so tender and juicy and beautifully spicy it doesn’t overwhelm your palate.

The place is … how do I describe it… well, something new to my eyes. It’s well-lighted, clean and has a youthful vibe. On weekdays, most of the Cambodian yuppies and yappies (including the Peluka sisters!*lol*) go there. On weekends, families come and eat here for their popular value set meals. The food servers are pretty much well-groomed, friendly, speaks good English and are very attentive. The waiting time is about 30mins, which is the same length of time to wait for a delivery pizza.

Chicken BBQ is located at the third floor of Sorya Mall in Phnom Penh.

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