Food Trip Friday 074: Batchoy, the flavour of home

I was feeling rather homesick and sluggish these days. And the fact that my friends have left the city for a quick holiday in the Philippines didn’t lighten up my mood either. So anyway, since I am feeling blah, I am diverting my attention to something else… food!

Batchoy a la Sreisaat. The flavour of home!

I made this yummy batchoy (pork noodle soup) from scratch and it tasted exactly (well, almost) the way I remember it. I’m so proud of myself (love your own, lol). I did say “almost” because missing were crushed chicharon, liver and hot sauce, said my younger bro.

Never mind the missing bits, because the moment I took a spoonful of the tasty soup, I was instantly transported back to our kitchen in Roxas City. I was 11 or 12 years old again with my father sharing a steaming bowl of batchoy he bought from Ted’s while my mother just sat at the opposite side of the table, watching and amused. Aahh, one of my favourite childhood memories, and the flavour of home that I carry in my heart and mind.

Now I am even feeling more homesick than when I started writing this pot.

17 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 074: Batchoy, the flavour of home

    • Sreisaat says:

      Errrm, hardware? Just kidding! Make one if it’s not available from where you are. That’s how I beat the blues – cook something that reminds me of home.

  1. wow, you made this from scratch? mukhang galing sa batchoyan e. :p
    i have similar memories of my dad, too…not of batchoy though–pancit and siopao at 3am. bribe nya when he came home late.:p

    • Sreisaat says:

      Luna, hahaha. I know, I can’t believe it myself! I googled the recipe and voila – I had a steaming bowl of batchoy. Wala kasing batchoyan dito sa Phnom Penh. Pancit and siopao is also in my list – toasted siopao nga lang from Naga City naman! hehehe. Mga tatay talaga natin, ano? They played on our gullibility when we were kids, hahaha.

    • Sreisaat says:

      Rovie, naku, too bad wala nang Ted’s sa Davao. Why not make one when you feel like eating batchoy? So easy, I tell you. Of course, I’ll visit your FTF, too 🙂

    • Sreisaat says:

      Naku, sister. Maraming Ted’s outlets dyan sa Manila hihihih Pagkakataon mo nang kumain ng mga na-miss mong Pinoy food bago kayo ulit lumarga 😀

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