Food Trip Friday 076: Weird but wonderful!

A dear friend recently gave me a pack of assorted chocolates from Korea from her her husband’s pasalubong after a brief business-visit there. It was an assortment of weird but surprisingly wonderful sweets from the kimchi country.  Flavours included were sesame, seaweed, rice wine, and this, my husband’s favourite and mine, the red pepper chocolate:

The heat comes out only after swallowing the chocolate! Not really hot but you can't ignore the faint heat, almost a tingling sensation, on the throat.

I know you are also wondering why and how a lowly sili (red chilli pepper) can be added to chocolates?

The result? Two layers of chocolate gooey stuff  – outside is a regular milk chocolate, inside is creamy nougat-ish flavour. Yum. The red pepper heat kicks in moments later. Not that hot, just mild enough, and you know what, weird it may sound but it is actually chocolate-y delicious! I am amazed at how an unlikely ingredient (red pepper) can enhance the chocolate flavour.


13 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 076: Weird but wonderful!

  1. yum…looks very delicious 🙂 I love chocolates, that is sweet of your friend for sharing chocolates for you 🙂 Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  2. if I ever get the chance to go to K country or if the hubby goes there again (im lobbying na nga for him to go there for his 4 mo. training hehe), I’m definitely hauling this big time. sarap noh?

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