Food Trip Friday 080: Bicol Express

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A few days before Christmas I had a strong craving for Bicol Express. After a few minutes searching for a recipe over the Internet, I found one that is not too fussy and easy to follow. It took less than an hour to make this:

This is my version of Bicol Express, mildly hot and spicy so that my husband can enjoy it, too.

Bicol Express is pork bits (or slices) cooked slowly in coconut milk, with ginger, onions, chopped lemon grass stalks, and lots and lots of red chillies. I could not find alamang (preserved shrimps) in the market so I just added more fish sauce for seasoning. Also, I reduced the amount of chillies recommended in the recipe by 50% because my husband could not tolerate very hot and spicy dishes. The result is a creamy dish with mild heat. Needless to say, I broke my dieting regimen all over again. The amount of rice I consumed with this dish is just unforgivable, lol.

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