Food Trip Friday 081: Homemade mango pie

I recently began baking pies again and I realised how much I miss making them. I still carry that childhood dream of mine of picking fresh fruits {apples and mangoes, particularly} from my backyard and making pies out of them on a nice summer day. I was inspired by my mum who makes really delicious pies with flaky, buttery crusts.

My homemade mango pie. Yum!

These days, I bake pies mostly for my husband and I, and for a few friends who come to the house for a visit every now and then. Once I started baking, there’s no stopping me. It’s not really doing my diet any favours but, waddaheck, I don’t want to miss a slice of yummy pie. After all, I’m the Queen of Wishful Shrinking, ain’t I? Crazy, eh? Lol.

Anyways, so here’s one of my favourites – and my husband’s, too. A homemade mango pie. Mango fruits are in season here now and they are getting cheaper as we go deep into the summer. A missus has got to take advantage of that!ย  I thought I’d be facing a challenge in making the pie crust since I haven’t done this in years, but with the help of online recipes, it was a smooth-sailing experience. For me, the pie crust is as important as the filling and it should be flaky and buttery. Period.

Without further ado, here’s my before and after shots… as if, lol. The top crust is a bit burned but to me it adds more flavour.

Lovely mango pie. I wanted to make a peach-mango pie but couldn't find canned peaches in my neighbourhood grocery store.

14 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 081: Homemade mango pie

    • Sreisaat says:

      Luna, I heart Jollibee’s peach-mango pie! Kaya ako napa-bake neto dahil nag-crave ako nun bigla, lol. I wonder if peach-mango pie is available in Jollibee Ho Chi Minh ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. i would love to go back to baking too. hello, oven. sana may magsponsor sayo. lol.

    may tira pa ba? i could walk to your house for a slice of that pie. hahhaah

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