Food Trip Friday 082: Crispy green mango wedges

At home, we not only love ripe mangoes (fresh, or made into delicious mango pie) but  also the green, unripe ones.

Crispy wedges of green mango and sugar-salt-pepper-chilli dip make for a great snack.

I cannot imagine living in Cambodia without these delectable fruits of summer. Green, unripe mangoes are slightly sour and crispy, dipped the Khmer-way in the flavourful mix of sugar, salt, pepper, and chopped fresh chillis, they are also great after-meal palate cleansers. Yum. They are also great for making mango salads, which is another favourite of mine.

2 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 082: Crispy green mango wedges

  1. sarap naman…ganyan din iyong dip nila dito, eh, may spicy, 2nd at super. hehehe! minsan bumili ako binigay iyong mixture lang ng salt at sugar, hehehe, walang chili. 🙂 meron ding bagoong dito kaso its different, iba ang lasa kaysa dun sa bagoong natin! anyway, visiting late from FTF, see you around. thanks and have a great week Z. 🙂

    • Queen of Wishful Shrinking says:

      Hi Che. San mas masarap, bagoong natin o bagoong dyan? 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, Che. See you in this week’s FTF. Ingat.

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