Food Trip Friday 085: Pork BBQ-rice for breakfast

For a change, we went for a pork-rice meal the other day. I think my husband wanted something different from the usual kuy teav (pork noodle soup) for breakfast.

My husband took me to this Khmer-Thai eatery near our place. We could smell the familiar aroma of barbecued pork as we got off the car. In an instant, we knew exactly what to order.

The BBQ and the sauce is worth coming back to!

And we weren’t disappointed. The pork was really good – tender and packed with spicy goodness – and the dip was a fantastic accompaniment! However, there’s not much to write about the soup. I also expected a better side dish of bok lahong (papaya salad, similar to the Filipino achara but spicier and has more flavour) but we were served this preserved cabbage that’s dry and sour. This was forgiven when we finished our meal off with our usual order of kafe dahko teuk’o (iced coffee with milk) that tastes more like mocha. Which I liked.

Guess how much we paid? We paid $4 for everything! Not bad, I should say, but we’ve had better meals for the same amount somewhere else.

Will I come back? Yes, but only for the BBQ and the sauce. To go.

8 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 085: Pork BBQ-rice for breakfast

  1. makes me miss phnom penh…:) they are really good with it, noh, naalala ko tuloy iyong bbq place papunta sa spa ni ate elms dati, i love it! 🙂 visiting from FTF, see you around. have a great week, sis!

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