Food Trip Friday 086: Omuraisu

Today is Friday, the day in the week where anything goes at home. I don’t have much in the pantry and too lazy to go out (who wants to with the scorching heat?) to shop so I just made this omuraisu, the Japanese rice omelet that my former housemate taught me how to make several years ago. So here’s my brunch:

Omuraisu is a Japanese dish and a fun way of preparing/eating rice. If your kids are picky or fussy, make them omuraisu.

 Omuraisu is basically an omelet stuffed with fried rice with ketchup as topping. The Japanese sure know how to make omelet and rice fun to eat! Traditionally, chicken is added in the fried rice but you can have anything you like. I use bacon bits all the time and they’re delish. The ketchup really works well with the fried rice. It’s a very simple dish and quick o make and very filling, too. The only problem I have is that I cannot wrap the egg neatly – the rice spills out – and ruin the omelet.

5 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 086: Omuraisu

  1. wow, sarap naman nyan Z! ma-try nga minsan na ibalot sa omelet, was making it separate kasi. although here lahat yata pwede i-wrapped sa omelet, pad thai, gren curry name it…galing nga, eh! naku, basta ketsup, mabenta sa amin, hehehe! 🙂 have a great weekend. 🙂

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