Food Trip Friday 089: Mixed berries tarts

I’m back again after being out of commission for more than three weeks. Nothing new here on my side except that, apart from baking breads and tarts, I’ve taken up sewing on the side as well. I’m teaching myself, thanks to the tuts that I found over the net so I’m excited!

As to baking, well, here… it was a spur-of-the-moment idea. The husband had the cravings, raided the fridge and announced to me he’d like to have some tarts for tea. Of course, being the enthusiastic baker that I am, I said yes right away.

Nothing fancy. Just some raspberry jam and my version of the pastry shell… et voila!

Up close with the tart… I used a mixed-berries jam for the filling. You can actually see the strawberry seeds. There were also some black currant and raspberry bits in it. My husband thought the pastry was too thick but to me they’re fine. The recipe I used, by the way, is the  result of  my earlier experimentations in the kitchen using various recipes for pastry shell that I found online.

The pastry is baked till golden brown, buttery and crumbly… just the way I like it.


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