Food Trip Friday 090 : Homemade French bread

Coming back again to Food Trip Friday, I hope you guys still find me here.

So what’s new, you ask? Not much except that I’ve been making bread at home. For the first time, I made French bread. I was a bit hesitant to do it at first because it requires accurate measurements. Many of my friends know that I do not follow specified measurements nor instructions at all. To make the story short, I tend to do cheat and veer towards shortcuts when it comes to cooking and baking.

This time is no different but the end result is just right, lucky me. See for yourself. The baking deities must be pleased, lol

Fresh from the oven, still warm, of course!

Now imagine how quickly the Mister runs down the stairs after catching the aroma of baked bread in the air. Ooh, now all I can think of is that fresh bread and the smell wafting from my very own oven. Ahh, I can even imagine the smell of it right now while I’m typing this. Pardon moi.

Not counting calories here.

9 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 090 : Homemade French bread

  1. Those look amazing! I’m pretty sure they taste YUM. I haven’t baked any for the past year(s?) and wonder when should I do it again.

    • TheQoWS says:

      Hello, Iska. Thanks for dropping by.
      Do it, do it, do it soon! Lol. Malakas lang ang loob ko talaga and I’m not afraid to fail.

  2. It’s the reason why i prefer cooking than baking,bec of the measurement,with the latter,you can do “pacham” as in pachamba,as long as it taste good, unlike with the former,you need to be accurate,otherwise your bread will taste and feel totally different.

    • TheQoWS says:

      Korek ka, sees. Pacham-pacham lang din ako. Pag maganda ang labas, ayos. Pag disaster, try again next time, lol.

    • TheQoWS says:

      Hi Dominique.
      Never too late to start something. Lucky you to have a formal training in baking. I don’t… perhaps that explains my “guerilla” attitude towards cooking and baking, lol.

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