Food Trip Friday 097: Kimchi gutcheri

I made kimchi last month and it was gooooood!

Homemade kimchi gutcheri. This is a no-ferment kimchi which means you can eat it right away.

I found the recipe here. It is very easy to make and there are pictures to guide you.

5 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 097: Kimchi gutcheri

  1. I’m the only one who eats kimchi in my family so I never intend to do it at home. But I’d love to bookmark this recipe… you’ll never know 🙂

    • TheQoWS says:

      Hello, Iska. I’m lucky to have a husband who shares my liking for kimchi. But I have to lessen the chili flakes so he could enjoy them, too 🙂 Yup, best to bookmark the site coz it has other yummy recipes. THanks for visiting.

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