Food Trip Friday 070: Fried egg-noodles


I’m happy to be back into the blogging groove again after more than two months of absence. It took me a long while before figuring out what’s wrong with the template (lost the blog links in my sidebar) so I decided to move the whole blog to WordPress instead. I hope old friends find me here again. If not, I’m sure I’ll meet new ones.

So here now…  my first FTF post in my newly-revamped blog 🙂

PinayWifeSpeaks and I were on a search for the best noodle dishes in the Penh in the past. It was a half-serious, half-joking attempt – almost silly – but we were quite delighted with our discovery, so far. I think it’s one thing that we and the PELUKA sisters should revive sometime soon.

The noodles were freshly made and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. The seasoning was just right for me and a tiny platito (small dish) of sauce was also served on the side just in case I wanted some more. It also served as dipping for the slices of chicken (very tender, not overcooked). For only $2.25, it is a  big serving and it’s great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

7 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday 070: Fried egg-noodles

  1. i wanna go back there and taste that. Come to think of it, let’s try all their noodles. I also want to try their vietnamese stir fried vermicelli. looks really yum and i love their big servings.

  2. Glad comment box is up! This was not really here last night. ^^

    The stir-fried noodles looks delicious. I always love noodles so kahit ano pagkaluto, i love it.

    I wish we have strings of chinese restaurants here in my city so that i can noodles hop ^^ Will try one day.

    • Sreisaat says:

      Lene, thanks for letting me know of the issue on my comment box. Just an oversight – hahaha – I forgot to enable this theme’s “comment box” option.

      I really love noodles, kahit araw-arawin pa!

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