Made in Cambodia: Coconut cookies

My husband and I are big on cookies that go with our tea and coffee. We usually buy the imported ones, particularly the European and American brands, that are quite expensive but are of good quality.  So far we have not found a local brand (or even Thai and VN brands) that are delicious, until…

Madam Sachiko's Coconut Cookies, a must-try.

Last Christmas a friend of ours gave us a box of coconut cookies {along with a box of a terrific tea} as presents and we are very happy to report that it’s the best-tasting locally-made cookies we’ve ever tasted! Seriously. The cookies are labeled as Madam Sachiko’s and are proudly and lovingly made in Siem Reap using ingredients that are found/sourced in Cambodia.

My husband says the coconut cookies complement the tea and coffee very well. I’m not an expert on cookies but I have to agree with my husband. They are light and have a very nice texture and a beautiful hint of coconut flavour. One box is consists of two packs with 10 cookies each. I’ll let you in on a secret… The cookies are best enjoyed when dunked in your hot beverage. I know, it’s so very Pinoy to dunk biscuits, cookies and even bread in any hot beverages but that’s the best way 😀 And my husband  has also taken to dunking.

All in all, I give Madam Sachiko’s coconut cookies 8 stars out of 10 🙂 I have not seen this product in the groceries here in Phnom Penh (friends, have you seen any?) so I’ll keep my ears and eyes peeled for any one traveling to Siem Reap and ask them to get me some.


One thought on “Made in Cambodia: Coconut cookies

  1. yay! I love how you took the photo. parang nagutom ako bigla. and cute ng stamping sa gitna..

    and im going to try that cookie. i bought several packs last time but inubusan ang ng mga tao dito lol.

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