Not a new year’s resolution

We are now a few weeks away from 2013 and I can’t believe how this year have turned out to be. I feel that the days and months have passed by so quickly right before my eyes. Where have the days gone by? What have I done this year? Nothing much really, but I have some important realisations. With the new year waving around the corner, I feel the need for a change in lifestyle. I’ve had so many excesses this year that I need to kick out things that don’t matter out of my life to make room for the things that really do. Anyways, these thoughts lead me to this dream of mine borne out of a chance encounter with a person who’s living happily a life of less.

I have a confession to make…

ampalaya in augustI have this dream of living sustainably by growing my own food in my own backyard and committing to a sustainable lifestyle. While it is a simple principle, it requires a complete overhaul of the way we live our life now. That means giving up, if not downsizing, on a lot of “nice” things that we are used to, doing stuff ourselves (hey, I like DIYs!) and re-thinking some of our personal values. Yes, one part of that shift in lifestyle is to save money but a large part is really being able to live simply and to be content with less.

So now I’ve began growing my own food on a small scale. A lot of people I know found this laughable because we live in an apartment. Not a problem, I told them. I planted vegetables on pots. While they scoff at the idea, I am happy to say that it was a good move and we are already enjoying the vegetables– err, the fruits of our labour.

ampalaya veggies apad wordless wednesday bitter gourd

Since my husband and I are saving money for that small-to-medium piece of property somewhere where we’ll retire as farmers, we’ve started making small changes in our shopping and eating out habits. Last year, we started going local, buying our food from the local markets and pledged to eat real and home-cooked meals and minimize, if not, totally avoid, more processed stuff. This year we are looking at dining out less frequently (unless invited). As for our possessions, we’ll we do not have much as per western standards but we have lots of old clothes that we (I, particularly, accumulated over the past decade of stay here in Cambodia) that we could do away with. I’ve already contacted a friend working for a local NGO to donate our clothings.

How’s that for a start? I might sound like rambling here but I’d like to think that I am on the right track. More vegetables will be added to my garden this year. I’m considering purchasing heirloom tomatoes seeds and assorted herbs via etsy.

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