I was feeling homesick the past few weeks. I think it started after talking to my parents and then it hit me like a stone that I haven’t been home (Philippines) since 2008. My parents are now getting older, their hair greyer; my nephew and nieces who, the last time I saw, were still stuttering and learning to construct sentences are all now walking and talking machines.

Thank God for brothers who have work holidays regularly. My younger brother recently returned from his quarterly vacation from the Philippines and brought with him back care-packages filled with all the stuff I like: chicharon, pancit canton, otap, barquiron, Tostillas,ย  Presto cookies, yema, bukayo (candied coconut flesh) and other sweets.ย  In another parcel, my Mum lovingly packed tuyo (dried fish), deboned bangus, and 2kgs of Purefoods cheesedog, my favourite! If this is not love, I don’t know what is.

Pasalubong galing sa Pinas!!!


So these days, when I am feeling homesick, I just reach out for a pack of chicharon or bukayo, or fry tuyo anytime of the day or make myself a simple cheeesedog sandwich and I’m instantly transported to our home back in the Philippines. Hinay-hinay lang para di maubos agad, lol!

10 thoughts on “Pasalubong!

    • Sreisaat says:

      Jenn, the chicharon tastes heaven! I dip them in vinegar with chilli. The guilt comes after the last piece was consumed but, waddaheck, angsarap talaga ng bawal! LOL!

    • Sreisaat says:

      Sis, Willa. I left our country in 2000 and had been coming home once every year in the succeeding years. But after 2008 I haven’t been home – and my parents are not happy about it! Nagtatampo na ๐Ÿ™

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