Rafael Nadal is cooking!

Hi. I know I’ve been a lousy blogger. It’s been three months since my last post and I’m ashamed at how my lackadaisical attitude has extended to my blogging routine.

From March to May it has been a roller-coaster of happenings. I got sick. My husband got sick. The power cuts worsened. The Internet connection was as shitty as ever. Then there’s the tennis clay season which I followed diligently. Yup, I am a tennis fan and an avid one at that. But I won’t be torturing with these so instead I’m going to share you this video of my favourite tennis player in the whole wide world – Rafael Nadal.

How awesome is that to see the King of Clay cooking?

But what the heck is a “correct” pasta, Rafa? Did you mean “curry” pasta, right? Well, I can see you are now becoming more English these days, no? Lol.

I’m very happy to see him happy and cooking!
Before I end this cheesy post (read: pardon my girlish streak), I want to post this comment of a fan via YouTube:

Rafa might be a good cook but he’s a better baker. He’s been serving his opponents bagels and breadsticks for years! – 3DGNumberOneFan

Vamos, Rafa! On to the second round of Wimby 🙂

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