Food Trip Friday 096: Secret Recipe’s Curry Mee

I’ve always been a laksa lover and I had been craving for it recenlty. When a friend suggested we do lunch at Secret Recipe, I immediately said yes to finally satiate my craving.

Mmmmmmm. The best curry mee ever! Curry mee is one of the iconic hawker’s food in Malaysia and Singapore.

Yes, this Malaysian-grown franchise has already entered the Kingdom of Cambodia earlier this year and opened not one but two branches in the capital alone. One is situated in the busy Monivong Boulevard where my friend took me. Inside was so cozy and pleasantly cool, a welcome refuge from the searing heat outside.

As a lover of anything noodles, my order, of course, had to be curry mee and it came in a large bowl with an okay serving of sambal on the side. Curry mee is just  basically spicy curry noodles but the sauce — the sauce was creamy and oh-so-tasty. The curry spices weren’t overpowering either so it’s all good. As you can see in the picture above, it’s not all sauce – you can see the ingredients – fish cake, tofu, and clams – weren’t swimming in the sauce.

For sure I’ll be coming back to try out the other dishes in their menu.


Food Trip Friday 073: Penang curry laksa

Went on another food-trip with PELUKA sister, PinayWifeSpeaks, to D’ Restaurant Nyonya last week. It was our second time there after our pleasant experience the first time. We planned on having the Penang curry laksa, both our favourite.

That's my order of Penang curry laksa and a refreshing soya kincang.

The soya kincang is very refreshing although I would love it even more if it were sweeter and creamier. It’s somewhat equivalent to our samalamig gulaman-sago. The black bits you see on the glass are gulaman. Flavour-wise, the laksa was really good – creamy and with moderate heat and spice – but I was disappointed that the slices of chicken and other bits were swimming in the bowl. It was too soupy.  PinayWife and I had to “arrange” the pieces in the bowl to make it look good on pictures. But that being said, I would still love to go back there. There are lots more worth coming back to, I kid you not.